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Both will tend to tarnish over time. 
-Store all precious metal jewelry in a zip lock bag to protect it. 
This does not stop the discoloration, but will drastically slow the process. 
-Use a polishing cloth as needed for cleaning your jewelry. 
Jewelry with semi-precious stones and crystals: 
-Store all jewelry with semi-precious stones and crystals in a zip lock bag to protect it. 
-Check the instructions on your jewelry cleaning solution prior to placing any items with stones in it to be cleaned.
 Some stones, such as turquoise, and freshwater pearls cannot be placed in most jewelry cleaning solutions. 
-Do not wear your jewelry when you are showering or washing dishes. 
-Use caution when wearing lotions and perfumes, for they will discolor gems such as turquoise. 

Pearls:  Special care should be taken with pearls. They are much more fragile than most gemstones. 
-Use caution when using hairspray and perfumes.
 Let dry completely before donning your pearls. 
-Cleaning pearl jewelry: wipe with a clean dry soft cloth after wearing them. 

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